Cooking the good stuff


So the weather here in Montreal has been bi-polar like usual. It was furnace like hot a few days ago and now it’s cooled down to 10 degrees and below again. With the copious amount of free time I have this month, I have also been endeavoring to cook (like a real grown up). Priscilla gave me a recipe tin a while ago but I find the best recipes are the ones that you find by searching exactly what you need in google. For example “easy spinach quiche” or “brownies with no eggs”. Recipe books are only nice if you plan on making a fancy dinner to impress someone.

Baking is a lot like doing a chem lab. Put all the ingredients carefully measure according to the manual and wait for results. That’s why I find it very simple an not-fussy. But cooking meals seems to be a different ball game. Everyone has their own tastes and the amounts of ingredients are variable and very forgiving. Brunch seems to be the easiest to cook. Eggs, french toast, pancakes, fruits etc. are all simple one or two step things. Italian food is much the same with a little bit of boiling noodles/pasta. The quiche took a bit longer because I had to cook the vegetables in a pan and then bake the whole thing. Either way, cooking has been fun (not always successful) but a generally rewarding hobby to treat myself with after running or a monotonous day at the office. (wow I sound like an old lady). Hope all you cool cats are doing well! Post soon!

❤ J


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