Doors Open Toronto

P and I went to Doors Open Toronto last Sunday and spent an afternoon in the Riverdale area. We haven’t walked around the Riverdale area before, so it was really our first time ‘exploring’ this part of Toronto. Here are some pics below! (Sorry for poor phone camera quality)

Riverdale BranchRiverdale public library looked very pretty from the outside, but we couldn’t take a look inside because it was closed on Sundays.

Necropolis Arch Necropolis Dedication

Photos from the Toronto Necropolis Cemetery. The plaque above lists the names of high-profile Torontonians buried at the Necropolis Cemetery, including William Lyon Mackenzie (first mayor of Toronto) and other notable individuals. Our tour guide gave us a cliff-notes version of T.O. history, which made me realize that I don’t know much about historical Toronto at all …

Rooftop GardenThe rooftop garden on top of Eastdale CI is run by Foodshare (, a non-profit community organization. They manage to sell their hand-cut fresh greens for $12/pound to local hipster restaurants.

Riverdale Farm

I know Riverdale farm is always open, but this was actually my first time visiting the farm. The ‘farm’ more of a park with buildings and animals,  but  I really enjoyed the small details, like this rustic sign.

We also visited St Ann’s Parish, which was very ornate and beautifully decorated, and St John’s Presbyterian Church, which had a charming museum (the National Presbyterian Museum) in its basement.  Overall a great experience – come with us next year, if you guys are in Toronto!







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